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Equipping the Galley

hackerBack in early March, I wrote that I had to become better acquainted with the care and feeding of a website. Since then, I've read of a massive, ongoing attack on WordPress sites – and I've felt the effects of that attack, often having nearly 100 attempts to hack the site every day! The arrival of waves of hackers has prevented me from enjoying the arrival of spring and  the zen associated with spending time on the boat & preparing for the Great Loop. Bummer. I think there are lots of sites out there that are more vulnerable than this one, and hope that the hackers will grow weary of beating on my door and take their act elsewhere. Regardless, I'm done hardening the site for a while – life beckons.

On a lighter note, I have taken a little time to check out the CorningWare microwave browning dish as a possible addition to the galley on Magic Moments. My initial test – reheating a piece of pizza – was enough to convince me it was not a match made in heaven. Some of the reasons for I'm leery of the pan are:

  • It's glass, and however tough it may be, it's a liability on a boat that may pitch or roll violently at any moment.
  • It's heavy, and even if it doesn't break when the boat is dancing on the waves, I don't relish getting hit in the head with a brick if it finds its way free of its designated storage spot. Murphy Law says that at some point the CorningWare or its lid will become airborne.
  • It takes a lot of power to heat the tin oxide layer on the bottom of the pan enough to sear meat (or reheat pizza) – and power isn't something in abundance while cruising. I plan on installing two relatively large solar panels (about 250 watts each), but I also plan on conserving the power they generate.
  • It's large, and doesn't fit well in the compact microwave I'm considering. Further, it doesn't lend itself well to storing compactly (with the lid nested securely in the pan).

Microwave browning dishBottom line – I'm going to pass on the browning dish. I am impressed with the pressure cooker though, and still plan to take it along for use in a small microwave – in lieu of having a gimballed stove on board – and the associated flammable fuel. Any searing I do will have to be on the small, gas fueled grill on the pushpit rail.

I'll see if I can find a good home for the browning dish on eBay.

Webmaster? Me??

"Hacker inside" logo, parody of the "Intel Inside" logo, taken from Creative Commons' siteI'm still planning the trip around the Great Loop, but have had to take a little break to become better acquainted with web site security – just trying to keep one step ahead of hackers who would like to play in my sandbox. While I'm at it, I've been optimizing images, submitting sitemaps, and generally trying to educate myself about the care and feeding of a website. I've also got to tend to changing the pictures and layout of the WordPress theme for the site, sort out how to upload videos that will display correctly on various browsers, yada, yada, yada. I won't bore you with the details.

Bottom line is that it may be another week or so before I can post more about the planning effort. The good news is that the pressure cooker and the browning pan arrived (thanks to the eBay sellers!) – and the first loaf of bread is awaiting a taste testing. With the aroma of warm, fresh bread wafting through the house, I'm gonna cut this post short. I have culinary research to do – before I start drooling on the keyboard!