… and so it begins…


Following the dream

Rhodes 22 in a boat lift I'm beginning to plan a trip around the Great Loop, casting off in May of 2015. I've been kicking the idea around for a while now, and registered this domain a couple of weeks ago so others can follow along – whether for amusement or to avoid repeating my mistakes. It's taken me several weeks to sort out how to set up WordPress and poke around to find out which plugins to use. Keep in mind that this is a work in progress. In just those few weeks I've managed to crash the site a couple of times, so if it's down when you come by one day, know that I've worked my magic (again).

I love the water and really enjoy sailing, having spent time in a Rhodes 22┬ápocket cruiser on Saginaw Bay (the bay that defines Michigan's ‘thumb' in Lake Huron), on Lake St Clair (between Lake Huron and Lake Erie), and on Lake Erie itself. I'm not so much into racing sailboats as just enjoying the journey – and I like the fact I can weigh anchor and move on if the neighbors get unruly.

Generally it's at this point that you'd figure that the Rhodes has been a good little boat, but that now I'm going to get a bigger sailboat or a trawler to travel the 6,000 miles or so that make up the Great Loop. Such is not the case – I'm going to be doing the Loop in the Rhodes. It's a good little boat, I can single hand her fairly easily, and it's relatively inexpensive to use and maintain. I intend to do some modifying to the boat as I prepare for the trip – a fairly radical new mast lowering mechanism, a solar bimini, a composting head, a spring loaded outboard lift… the list goes on. Stay tuned for progress as the modifications come to pass.

The previous owner named the Rhodes ‘Magic Moments‘, a name I find really appropriate. One of the magic moments occurs when you raise the sails and kill the motor, the moment when the wind and the boat find harmony. Other magic moments occur when mother nature smiles on Magic Moments, as shown above. Stay tuned for more!

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